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This response may include a comment or two not technically related to Greek
grammar, but I'll try to keep it brief, and I promise not to make any further
responses related to those comments:

> I will give but a few;
> The Dake Annotated Reference Bible (KJV):

You should realize that much of Dake's teaching is considered outside the norm
of historic Christian understanding.  In poking around at the Dake website, I
found the claim that the Holy Spirit gave him miraculous knowledge of Scripture,
and that he had studied the Bible for 100,000 hours, but, more pertinently, no
evidence that he himself had studied Greek.  I also found the following:


> "Literally, 'Have the Faith of God.' Such is possible or it will not be
> a command. Man was created with Gods Faith but doubt doubt entered in at
> the fall....."
> Other source is from a book which I prefer not to mention the name:


> "... Notice Mark 11:22 of our text: 'And Jesus answering saith unto
> them, Have faith in God' The margin of the King James translation reads
> that Jesus said, '... Have the faith of God. Another translation reads
> (infact, Greek scholars tell us it is a literal translation): 'Have the
> God-kind of faith'."

I assume that there is no support for this assertion?  In fact, the use of the
objective genitive with PISTIS (faith, trust) is so standard that had the author
of Mark intended this meaning, he almost certainly would have used a different

Unfortunately, there all too many self-proclaimed experts who misuse "the Greek"
in their teaching...

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