[B-Greek] online English grammar resources

sandra hack polaski shpolaski at btsr.edu
Wed Jun 11 13:06:52 EDT 2003

Two questions: First, I continue to discover that my Greek students are
hampered by a lack of familiarity with English grammar terminology and an
overall understanding of the way language works.  Are there, to your
knowledge, any online tools out there (tutorials or webpages) that help
students preparing to study Greek (or Hebrew) (or other foreign languages,
for that matter) understand how their own language works?  

Second: If I don't find something existing that fits my students' needs, I'm
considering developing an online tutorial of my own.  So I'd appreciate
anyone's OFFLIST suggestions of particularly good English grammar resources,
or of grammar topics that particularly need to get into such a tutorial.
(If you teach both Greek and Hebrew, I'd especially like to hear from you on
grammar basics that undergird a study of each language.)  Many thanks.
--Sandra Hack Polaski
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