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> Hi all,
> Can somebody please tell me what the correct interpretation of the
> beginning of this verse say; "have faith in God". Some of the bible
> notes that I have seen says that it should be "Have the faith of God".
> Can anybody verify this is true in the Greek bible?

What you have is EXETE PISTIN QEOU, the noun PISTIN (faith) followed by the noun
QEOU in the genitive case.

Often, the genitive is translated using the English preposition "of" to indicate
the relation of the genitive noun to the word upon which it is dependent.
However, there are times when such translation simply won't do, a variety of
uses of the genitive which are better expressed with other prepositions in
English.  The noun PISTIS is normally followed by what we call an objective
genitive, which in English (for this particular noun) is normally expressed by a
prepositional phrase using "in."  Therefore, unless the context gives strong
contraindications, the normal prejudice would be to translate it as "faith in

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