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Hi b-greek

>> I have heard that Philo writes that he never (or hardly ever) read the
>> Torah in Hebrew, only in its Greek translation.  Does anybody know the
>> source in Philo for this statement?
Ken Penner wrote:
>There is no direct statement in Philo's works to this effect. His knowledge
>of Hebrew is open to question. He did work almost exclusively from the
>Septuagint rather than from the Hebrew Torah (the exception being his
>etymologies, which are from Hebrew, though not always correct). And he
>strongly defends the inspiration of the Septuagint; see his retelling (and
>expansion) of the Aristeas legend in On Moses 2.

It also seems that only about 5% of his references are outside the Penteteuch,
and a lot of those are in Psalms, the only other book with more than fjve references 
according to the index from "The Works of Philo".  (Even these references tend
to be vague "As the psalmist has said somewhere"  "he says in another passage",
while many Tanach books simply have zero references.)

Does this indicate that the LXX, outside of the Penteteuch and maybe Psalms,
was not so easily available or highly regarded ?

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