[B-Greek] Re: Introduction Book on Linguistics

Doug Hoxworth dhoxworth at charter.net
Sun Jun 8 19:57:44 EDT 2003

>>Can someone help me locate a good introductory book to topics on Syntax and Semantics. My English is fairly good, but I do not consider myself an advanced student of English. I would also like to find a good introductory book on sentence diagramming.

>I've found the following Introduction to Liguistics informative and useful:

>David Alan Black, /Linguistics for Students of NT Greek/, >A Survey of Basic Concepts and Applications, Baker Books, Grand Rapids MI, 2nd Ed 1995, with a foreword by Moises Silva. ISBN 0-8010-2016-6.

>"Diagramming" is something else. I'm sure others on this List will be able to recommend something to you.

ben is correct. diagramming is more of a practice of 
exegesis than linguistics. while perhaps it could be 
construed as part of linguistics from the standpoint of 
syntax it is not always included within it. as far as 
linguistics goes, the above recommended book is quite 
good. i'm in the middle of reading it right now. other 
books about Greek sentence diagramming are listed below:

Principles and Practice of Greek Exegesis by Grassmick

New Testament Exegesis: A Handbook for Students and 
Pastors by Gordon Fee

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