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On Sun  8 Jun 2003 (06:05:05), mitchlarramore at yahoo.com wrote:
> Can someone help me locate a good introductory book to
> topics on Syntax and Semantics. My English is fairly
> good, but I do not consider myself an advanced student
> of English. I would also like to find a good
> introductory book on sentence diagramming.

 Dear Mitch

 I've found the following Introduction to Liguistics informative and useful:

 David Alan Black, /Linguistics for Students of NT Greek/, A Survey of
 Basic Concepts and Applications, Baker Books, Grand Rapids MI, 2nd Ed 1995,
 with a foreword by Moises Silva. ISBN 0-8010-2016-6.

 "Diagramming" is something else. I'm sure others on this List will be
 able to recommend something to you.


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