[B-Greek] Matthwe 18:2 called a little child unto him, Semitic idiom ?

Jason Hare jason at jhronline.com
Sun Jun 8 01:57:36 EDT 2003

OY! My eyes play tricks on me!!!

There it is right before me now... NA27 indeed cites
three references for hEN: D e sy^(s,c). Consider me

However, does this come from a semiticism? I would
have to say "no." Remember that even in the LXX, the
numeral was often being used as an indefinite article.
Perhaps that is the usage here. Does anyone have a
comment on that?

For a reference on LXX usage of hEIS/MIA/hEN as an
indefinite article, refer to /Grammar of Septuagint
Greek/ by Conybeare and Stock. I don't have a page
number, I read it when I was still a student at Ozark
Christian College. I'm sure it's in there. *wink*


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