[B-Greek] PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND: Radical Modification ...

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Wed Jun 4 09:31:39 EDT 2003


PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND to the message posted by <Theo_Book at gbronline.com>
with subject-header, "Radical Modification to the general consensus about
Septuagint long overdue." Regardless of what one may think of the validity
of the argument set forth in the message, it sets forth at the outset a
doctrinal proposition regarding the Septuagint and argues for that
doctrinal proposition. As such it clearly lies outside the parameters of
legitimate b-greek discussion as set forth in the list's FAQ posted at

If list-members wish to respond off-list directly to the original sender,
that is their privilege, but I am asking that there be no direct responses
to this posted to B-Greek.

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