[B-Greek] LXX Tetragrammaton in Aquila query (& PaleoHebrew f ont?)

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>A related Greek accent question just occurred to me. The normal rule is that
>a grave accent can only occur "in flow" (i.e., with other Greek text
>following). When "out of flow" a grave always changes to an acute. So how
>would one accent the EGW in the example I gave from 3 Kgs 21:13? It does not
>have a "Greek word" following it, but a Hebrew word--but one which is
>"standing in" for KURIOS?! Should it remain EGW\ or become EGW/ ?
>(The ref., if you need it, is at

Regardless of the answer to the question, "WHAT was pronounced?" after EGW,
surely SOMETHING was pronounced; I think therefore that there should
indeed be a grave accent on omega of EGW.

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