[B-Greek] LXX Tetragrammaton in Aquila query (& PaleoHebrew font?)

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Mon Jun 2 16:56:17 EDT 2003

Swete's Intro to the LXX (pp. 35-40) discusses and illustrates Aquila's use
of ancient *Hebrew* script for the Tetragrammaton in his (Greek!)
translation. An odd feature indeed. I've tried to reproduce this in a
written document, but the fonts are problematic. The only PaleoHebrew script
font that I've found is not embeddable in pdf, but I've found nothing else.
I have two questions.

1. Have I represented the characters accurately?
(The samples that Swete gives are not all identical and I suspect that they
are only approximations. My choices aren't identical to his, but they have
been selected from Pritchard's ANEP tables (p 88). The He is OK, and I think
the yodh is also, though it differs from Swete's; the Waw is more
questionable. I'm out of my territory in such Hebrew paleography.)

I've temporarily posted a graphic of my current "edition" at this URL:

2. Is there a free, embeddable TrueType font that contains the correct
characters? (I've used one called Phonike--which I think is intended to
represent the Phoenician script?)

I'd appreciate any feedback on these two questions. (I'm not interested in
sectarian theology on the subject.)

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