[B-Greek] SFWE in the Iliad 1.8

Jason Hare jason at jhronline.com
Thu Jul 31 16:40:20 EDT 2003

[Ann, thanks for your splendid answer!]

Well, I think I found my first error in regard to
understanding this phrase... I didn't have the full
text in front of me, but only /The Oxford Book of
Greek Verse/, which begins with line 8. The antecedent
of SFWE is clearly in line 7: ATREIDHS... KAI

I had thought that the SFWE was to be taken as
nominative rather than as accusative. So, I thought it
was TIS T' AR SFWE QEWN... "So, which of the two
gods..." &c.

Sorry about the confusion. I've got it straightened
out (I think) in that SFWE is supposed to be
accusative and antecedent of Atreides ("the son of
Atreus") and Achilles.

Also, I'm sorry if this is not appropriate for a
B/Koine-Greek list. My apologies, but I thought it
might be appropriate.

Best regards,

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