[B-Greek] SFWE in the Iliad 1.8

Jason Hare jason at jhronline.com
Thu Jul 31 03:42:42 EDT 2003

Just thought I might note that LHTOUS KAI DIOS hUIOS
(corrected from hYIOS--didn't intend a *psi*) is none
other than Apollo. Thought that might be a bit

--- Jason Hare <jason at jhronline.com> wrote:
> B-Greekers,
> I'm just wondering about the word SFWE in the eighth
> line of book 1 (chapter 1) of the Iliad. Does it not
> mean "two?" However, the answer to the rhetorical
> question is given in the singular: LHTOUS KAI DIOS
> hYIOS (the son of Leto and Zeus).
> What is the significance/usage of this word in
> classical Greek? Also, does it appear in Koine (or
> later Greek) at all?
> Thanks!
> Jason Hare
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