[B-Greek] CAUTION re: BeDuhn's "Truth in Translation"

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Wed Jul 30 22:29:14 EDT 2003

It would have been quite sufficient and certainly preferable, I think, to
cite the URL and suggest that interested list-members find the material for
themselves the material indicated. The citation does not belong properly in
list correspondence, and I ask that there be NO ON-LIST DISCUSSION of the
Beduhn statement, please!

At 9:10 PM -0500 7/30/03, Eric Weiss wrote:
>The following URL (Web page) has a lengthy statement by Jason Beduhn re:
>John 1:1. There are some typos (likely by the person who typed the Web
>page), but Beduhn's name at the end suggests that this entire extract,
>and not just what was put in quotes at the beginning, is his comment on
>John 1:1. This should give some idea of his knowledge of or expertise in
>Greek and his qualifications to make scholarly statements about
>translations and the Greek text - which is what your query seemed to be


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