[B-Greek] "inclusio"

James Forsyth james at bigbeing.com.au
Thu Jul 31 11:16:11 EDT 2003

Hi B-Greek,

Apologies in advance for this basic question:

I have been instructed in a very remedial class that "the genitive modifies 
the noun it either follows or is in INCLUSIO with".

The latter is then supplied with an example (hOI IHSOU APOSTOLOI) which is 
meant to indicate that if the genitive noun is placed between the article 
and the nominative noun it follows then a reversal of word order can take 

However, in Matthew S DeMoss's Pocket Dictionary for the study of New 
Testament Greek he defines "inclusio" as: "A literary framing device in 
which the same word or phrase stands at the beginning and the end of a 
section. Sometimes called bracketing."

Please, I'm confused.  Is DeMoss wrong, my instructor wrong or are there 
two definitions of "inclusio" or am I missing something?

Thank you,

James Forsyth

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