[B-Greek] BeDuhn's "Truth in Translation"

Daniel Glick lists at danielglick.com
Wed Jul 30 13:20:27 EDT 2003

Has anyone here read Jason BeDuhn's "Truth in Translation"? It seems to 
be well-researched, but I notice that his academic credentials are in 
the history of religion, rather than in Greek language or translation 
theory. OTOH, given his research history, I would assume that he has a 
good knowledge of Greek; and the book is popular rather than academic, 
thus he needn't actually be a specialist in the field.

So I was wondering if any of the Greek specialists on this list have 
read the book and have an opinion on it.

Dan Glick

P.S. Please, no replies from religious apologists. I am looking for an 
unbiased academic opinion.

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