[B-Greek] the word hellenistic.

Colin Thompson colin at cthompson.org.uk
Wed Jul 30 11:57:49 EDT 2003

 Hi Dave,
hellenistic means greek -ish
Hellas is Greece.
Helliniki is Greek language
Hellinos is greek nationality or culture.
All the best,
Colin Thompson, Gateshead, England
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Subject: [B-Greek] the word hellenistic.
i have a question (probably a dumb one) i'd like to see if i can get
answered. The question is this what does hellenistic mean; and here's the
dumb part, because it sounds a lot like the word hell, i know that here's no
connection with hell concerning this word but i'd still like to know what it
Dave Pursey.
dave pursey
4pbears at earthlink.net
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