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I see no response to Waldo's Sunday posting, so I'll offer a brief,
off-the-cuff 2 cents (or less) worth:

Seems clear that these expressions have a spiritual meaning. The
blindness motif is of course used in John 9, and the light/darkness
motif at least in some texts probably also says something about
(in-)ability to perceive and mistaken (self-)understanding; but it's
bigger than that. In terms of Kysar's discussion of Johannine dualism in
The Maverick Gospel, it's about not only a human dualism (two ways of
understanding) but also a cosmic dualism (two realms of being). I'm not
sure the blindness motif can cover every darkness text. In 3:19, does
the doer of FAULA wish to avoid seeing or being seen? Or both?

"Two types of individuals at the extreme ends of the spiritual
perceptive spectrum" might imply an excluded majority in the middle, but
the Johannines no doubt place everyone either in light or in darkness
with no middle ground.

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In the Johannine works, he uses this expression often.
Is this expression a metaphor for walking "as a blind
person"? And would walking EN TWi FWTI be a metaphor
for walking "as one who sees clearly"? I would further
ask if these expressions would be understood in a
"spiritual" sense, so that walking "as a person blind
to spiritual truth" contrasts with the individual who
walks "as a person who sees/perceives/understands
spiritual truth." Since John uses polar opposite
expressions frequently, he seems to be contrasting
these two types of individuals at the extreme ends of
the spiritual perceptive spectrum. Is this reading too
much into these expressions?

Waldo Slusher
Calgary, AB

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