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Steven Lo Vullo slovullo at mac.com
Wed Jul 30 05:13:38 EDT 2003

On Tuesday, July 29, 2003, at 01:45  PM, Carl W. Conrad wrote:

> This is phrased rather awkwardly: I don't see any NECESSARY 
> relationship
> between the number of hA and the number of TWN MELLONTWN; I don't think
> it's necessarily the case that TA MELLONTA correspond in number to the
> items included in hA. In fact, although one might indeed convey TWN
> MELLONTWN in English as "of the things that are to come," one might 
> just as
> well convey it as "of what is to come"--I think there's an 
> indefiniteness
> to the neuter plural here and that TA MELLONTA ought not to be assumed 
> to
> correspond exactly in number with what reflects them remotely.

I agree, and would just add that I doubt the items listed in v. 16 
exhaust, rhetorically speaking, Paul's point. I think these are 
representative items meant to convey to the Colossians that they should 
not allow anyone to judge them with respect to **any** particulars of 
the Mosaic Law. Certainly Paul does not mean to indicate that the 
Colossians should not allow anyone to judge them with respect to these 
items, but it would be perfectly fine to allow them to judge them with 
respect to, say, the kind of fabric they wore. I think this passage is 
parallel in thought to Heb 10.1.

Steven Lo Vullo
Madison, WI

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