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waldo slusher waldoslusher at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 29 16:31:00 EDT 2003

Carl had this to add...

I wrote...
> >TWN MELLONTWN is neuter pl. in agreement with hA
> (of
> >which SKIA is its pred nom, to which TWN MELLONTWN
> >stands in adjectival relation, describing WHAT KIND
> of
> >reflection or foreshadow)

Carl wrote...
> This is phrased rather awkwardly: I don't see any
> NECESSARY relationship
> between the number of hA and the number of TWN
> MELLONTWN; I don't think
> it's necessarily the case that TA MELLONTA
> correspond in number to the
> items included in hA. 

I'm not sure what led you to conclude that a
"NECESSARY relationship" exists. I certainly did not
want to imply that my understanding was the only
possible take on this passage. I will comment by
saying that I feel sure that hA corresponds to each
item listed in the previous verse, and that TWN
MELLONTWN is indirectly connected by its relation to
SKIA (the pred nom of hA). 

Concerning hA, you can ask: which things? The things
just mentioned. What about those things just
mentioned. They (the things just mentioned) are but a
SKIA. Hence, I take SKIA to refer to the items in vs
16. What kind of SKIA are these these? They are a
foreshadow of the coming things. It should be pointed
out here that it is the SWMA (the reality) that is
casting this shadow, not the hA. Behind every shadow
is an object/entity that casts that shadow. So perhaps
I am misunderstanding the confusion here. I certainly
remain open to correction, in fact, I welcome it. I
joined here to learn (not to teach).

The link from vs 16 goes all the way to TOU CRISTOU.
Each item has its reality in Christ. A particular
Sabbath day, which is the shadow, is cast by some
reality that corresponds to Christ. That same is true
of each other item (new moon, feasts, etc).

Waldo Slusher
Calgary, AB

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