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Without commenting on the validity of this argument otherwise (Steven Lo
Vullo) can certainly speak for himself), I would suggest one other

At 10:05 AM -0700 7/29/03, waldo slusher wrote:
>Sorry for the last post. I neglected to reread it and
>was typing far too fast! Let me try again.
>SKIA is in predicate nom to the neuter plural hA
>plural as a collective noun, in pred to a plural nom)
>TWN MELLONTWN is neuter pl. in agreement with hA (of
>which SKIA is its pred nom, to which TWN MELLONTWN
>stands in adjectival relation, describing WHAT KIND of
>reflection or foreshadow)

This is phrased rather awkwardly: I don't see any NECESSARY relationship
between the number of hA and the number of TWN MELLONTWN; I don't think
it's necessarily the case that TA MELLONTA correspond in number to the
items included in hA. In fact, although one might indeed convey TWN
MELLONTWN in English as "of the things that are to come," one might just as
well convey it as "of what is to come"--I think there's an indefiniteness
to the neuter plural here and that TA MELLONTA ought not to be assumed to
correspond exactly in number with what reflects them remotely.

>That is why I called TWN MELLONTWN adjectival to SKIA,
>which stands in pred nom to hA, which encompasses all
>of the items listed in the previous verse.
>Items vs 16 --> hA --> SKIA --> SWMA --> CRISTOU
>They all form a link, leading from the things being
>observed (vs 16) which are a reflection (SKIA) to what
>the refection (SKIA) is a reflection of (SWMA TOU
>What appeared to me was you were taking SKIA out of
>this chain and extrapolating something that this text
>is not about (the future from the standpoint of Paul's
>writing). I think the idea here is not that MORE IS TO
>COME, but the CHRIST was the reality behind the
>reflection/shadow of the things observed, that is,
>that all pointed to Christ in some way or another. For
>Paul then, don't put emphasis on the hA/SKIA, but upon
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