[B-Greek] Questions about Col 2:16+17

waldo slusher waldoslusher at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 29 09:35:56 EDT 2003


SKIA is in predicate nom to the neuter plural hA

SKIA answers WHAT KIND of reflection? (SKIA is
considered plural as a collective adjective)

TWN MELLONTWN is neuter pl. in agreement with hA

That is why I called it adjectival to SKIA, which
stands in pred nom to hA, which encompasses all of the
items listed in the previous verse.

Items vs 16 --> hA --> SKIA --> SWMA --> CRISTOU

They all form a link, leading from the things being
observed (vs 16) which are a reflection (SKIA) to what
the refection (SKIA) is a reflection of (SWMA TOU

What appeared to me was you were taking SKIA out of
this chain and extrapolating something that this text
is not about (the future from the standpoint of Paul's
writing). I think the idea here is not that MORE IS TO
COME, but the CHRIST was the reality behind the
reflection/shadow of the things observed, that is,
that all pointed to Christ in some way or another. For
Paul then, don't put emphasis on the hA/SKIA, but upon

Waldo Slusher
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