[B-Greek] Questions about Col 2:16+17

waldo slusher waldoslusher at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 28 20:32:44 EDT 2003

Concerning this...

> I think, though, that there is a third possibility
> that cannot be ruled 
> out, and that is that TWN MELLONTWN refers not only
> to the things that 
> were anticipated in the past and already fulfilled
> in Christ at the 
> time of writing, but the things anticipated in the
> past, many of which 
> were fulfilled in Christ at the time of writing, as
> well as other 
> things which would be fulfilled in Christ in the
> future from the 
> perspective of the time of writing. Both the things
> already fulfilled 
> at the time of writing, as well as future
> fulfillments, could have been 
> what Paul understood as being anticipated in the
> time of the "shadow." 
> In this case both NAS95 **and** NIV are partially
> correct, but a 
> combination of the two is needed to fill out TWN

I think this reverses Paul's words and point. The
issue is centered on the SKIA and what to make of
THEM. And here, the SKIA are itemized. hA ESTIN SKIA
is not looking forward but backward to the list Paul
just addressed. TWN MELLONTWN describes SKIA; it's
adjectival to the nominative SKIA/hA. If it were
substantival, would we not expect the nominative?

Waldo Slusher
Calgary, AB

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