[B-Greek] ARCW and ARCOMAI

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
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At 8:53 AM -0700 7/27/03, Mitch Larramore wrote:
>These words are given the meanings I rule and I begin
>respectively. But the instructor seems to imply that
>these are the same root verbs but just have different,
>unrelated meanings due to being in different voices.
>Implying to me that what causes their being unrelated
>semantically is Voice. Is it entirely possible that
>these words are not from the same root afterall? Just
>because they look alike does not have to mean they are
>from the same root does it?
>(In English, some words have the same letters but are
>not at all related to each other. "Bank" comes to
>mind. A financial building or a river slope.)

No,that's not the case here; they really ARE related; the root ARC (noun
ARCH = "beginning/rule or governance/primary substance, etc." is the base
of ARCW/ARCOMAI, a single verb; in the active it means "be first/have
primacy over" and it is completed not with a direct object but with a
(partitive genitive); in the middle it means "be in the initial
stages/begin" and is normally completed with a complementary participle.

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