[B-Greek] Re: B-Greek Digest, Vol 7, Issue 21

Arthur King whonexus at att.net
Thu Jul 24 19:10:19 EDT 2003

Hi Barry,
Your reply reminded me of how I lost a spelling bee in high school.  I
spelled EXACTLY what I heard the moderator say - "disgression".  When he
later spelled it correctly -"discretion", I could have melted into the

BTW, I must express my appreciation for the generosity with which  you and
others on this mailing list share their knowledge.  I began studying
Biblical Greek on my own about a month ago, so I don't get much from most of
the posts, but, some day, I hope. I'll know enough to be able to ask
questions, and, maybe, answer some.

Arthur King

| 3.  Capitalization is strictly due to the disgression of the |editor.

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