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I used Machen's "New Testament Greek for Beginners" in my first year
Greek class and later purchased a copy of the Answers to the exercises
when I taught it several years later.
The Answer booklet was by Spiros Zodhiates. I am not sure how available
it still is.
I could probably make it available in pdf format. I think it would fall
under Public Domain.

Hope this helps....

Lee Boswell
Lee at LKei.com

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Mr. Ferris:

Hi! I am a first year Greek student and my biggest gripe with the book
use (Black) is "not enough exercises!" Machen was my first book but I
had no
way to check the exercises...until perhaps now? I hope we can work
out...I would be happy to reimburse you for copies, postage, etc.

Thank you,

Sam Powell
(631) 467-5725 h
(631) 738-8100 w

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