[B-Greek] Septuagint translated by Sir Lancelot C.L. Brenton

perry & Debbie McChesney perry at globalriver.com
Wed Jul 23 15:46:32 EDT 2003

In Exodus 3:14 I ran across  something I find paculiar. The phrase EGO
EIMI HO HWN. I looked up HWN (I may be transliterating incorrectly the H
is a rough breath mark in HWN and in the HO not an eta) in the BDAG and
can't find a definition for HWN. In this phrase the HWN is the only word
capitalized in the Greek manuscript and Brenton defines it Being. Does
anyone have a dictionary with a definition for HWN and can anyone
comment on it's capitalization and any different Greek manuscripts of
the Septuagint.

Thank you,
Debbie McChesney

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