[B-Greek] Re: Use of AIRW in John 15:2

Doug Hoxworth dhoxworth at charter.net
Tue Jul 22 13:02:44 EDT 2003

>I have read that in John 15:2, the verb "AIRW - to take away (KJV)" could also mean "to lift up".

>Perhaps this questions has been addressed in the past, but I would like to know if any of you know of any exegesis support for this interpretation.

the idea of AIRW seems to be to "pick/lift up" with a 
possible implication of to "pick/lift up" AND "carry off" 
(i.e., "take away"). context should help to determine 
which is best. if we are to take it here as "pick/lift 
up", the normal viticulure practice of the time of tying 
the live but non-fruit bearing branch to a trestle (so 
that it will bear fruit) would have to be assumed as the 
text doesn't explicitly say this (it may be a possible 
implicature). this is the point at which many impose their 
theology on the text. i've noticed the main consensus 
seems to be on "take away."

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