[B-Greek] LInguistic question on Luke 1:1

kent lee k-lee7 at students.uiuc.edu
Mon Jul 21 19:48:33 EDT 2003

   It seems my last email was misunderstood. The books cited deal with
semantics and pragmatics, *not lexicography*. I do not discount the value
of lexicography, and as i noted, it is a field of applied linguistics, which
in recent years has advanced a good bit due to advances in corpus and
computational linguistics. Likewise, there have been useful advances in
ohter fields of linguistics that can also be helpful to biblical scholars.
   My point is that such fields as  lexicography, semantics, pragmatics,
and discourse analysis each can provide their own contributions to, say, understanding the meaning of a
particular word or text and how it would have been understood, and we
should not dismiss out of hand the value of these approaches just because it is not
the paradigm that one works in.

kent lee

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