[B-Greek] Luke 11:17 and EPI

farley lfarley at sprint.ca
Fri Jul 18 19:56:19 EDT 2003

Dear friends:
    What can one do when scholars and translators disagree--other than of course asking this list?
    In Lk. 11:17, we read OIKOS EPI OIKON PIPTEI.  Is this to be read "house falls upon house" (as the Douay and RSV read it), or "a house divided against itself falls" (as the NASB reads it, borrowing the verb "divided' from the previous clause?  One commentator (I.H. Marshall) seems to suggest that both are grammatically possible; if this is so, which is the most likely?  
    Thank you for any help.
    Yours as ever,
    Lawrence Farley, Langley, B.C.

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