[B-Greek] Revised Irregular Verb List

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Thu Jul 17 14:42:46 EDT 2003

I have for some time had available on my web-sites (both artsci.wustl.edu
and ioa.com) a list of irregular verbs drawn from the vocabulary of
Mounce's _Basics of Biblical Greek_. After learning of at least one
inaccuracy in that chart and then discovering a few others, I have now
rather radically revised the list, so that (1) I no longer retain chapter
numbers from Mounce but do retain the frequency in the text of the GNT for
each verb, (2) I've revised and occasionally altered the English
equivalents where I thought it would be helpful; (3) while I've dropped
Mounce's indication of the imperfect 1st sg. of verbs, I've given all the
principal parts for each verb in the standard traditional sequence (pres.
indic., fut. indic., aor. indic.act., pf. indic.act., pf. indic.m-p, pf.
indic. pass.) along with the simplest form of the root or roots for each
verb; (4) For each verb I've added comments on idiosyncracies owing to
phonetic factors or to variant roots or to rare modes of manipulation of
the roots (Attic reduplication, addition of euphonic Sigma, etc.) I am
removing the older document from both sites and substituting for it the new
PDF file. Please note that my main site is now that listed in my signature
file below, while my older site at Washington University will sooner or
later be dismantled). The revised file is accessible as


or as


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