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Sure. I'm rather sure that KAGW is to be taken
emphatically in such passages. "And/but I (as opposed
to others) tell you..." Seems like the sense to me.

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--- farley <lfarley at sprint.ca> wrote:
> Dear Everyone: (I trust I am posting this one to the
> list, and not to any one person specifically)--
>     In Lk. 11:9 (as elsewhere in the Gospels), it
> reads KAGW UMIN LEGW.  Please remind me again about
> the force of this KAGW--I have it in mind that it is
> an abbreviation for KAI EGW, and that the pronoun
> involved is to be read as an emphatic.  Am I correct
> (or just forgetting everyone I ever knew in school)?
>  Is KAGW ever read as an emphatic?  Sorry for asking
> such an elementary question--hopefully my Greek
> professor from college is on vacation now and not
> reading this list!
>  Yours faithfully,
>     Lawrence Farley, Surrey, B.C.
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