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Hi Lawrence, well, without commenting on what you say about the context, hODOS commonly means "journey" in the papyri, and is even used metaphorically as English uses "way" - find "a way' to do something. Its meaning was pretty much unchanged from Homeric times.
Ann Nyland

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> Dear All:
>     In Lk. 9:57, it reads: POREUOMENWN AUTWN EN TH ODW, sometimes translated
> as "as they were going along the road", and sometimes as "as they  were
> going in the way".  Is the word ODOS flexible enough to denote any
> journey--including a journey by boat (which is the location of the sayings
> in the Matthean parallel)?
>     Thank you in advance for any help.
>     Yours faithfully,
>     Lawrence Farley, Langley, B.C.

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