[B-Greek] Re: German Perplexity--Gräzität

David G. Fish dfish at occ.edu
Thu Jul 10 09:54:31 EDT 2003

I was perplexed by this word. A simple Google search yields many hits in bibliographies (all written in German), with repeated references to Byzatine lexicons.

I searched all sorts of dictionaries (online and not), and came up with nothing.

I mentioned it to the director of our circulation desk in the library. This morning I had this e-mail from him:

I'll insert his text:
 checked about 10 websites and a couple hard copy dictionaries and found
nothing, so i finally emailed one of karyn's friends in germany, and this is
her reply: "Well, "Gräzität" is a German word, but no one really uses it. It
comes from
the word Graecus (Greek) and implies everything that has to do with the
language and culture. I hope that helps."
So, i hope that helps.

David G. Fish
Ozark Christian College
Joplin, MO
dfish at occ.edu

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