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You're not as stumped as you think. You're right on. Comparing my German and Latin dictionaries, it seems
that Gräzität is the German spelling of the Latin word Graecitas, meaning "the Greek language." So I would
render "der gesamten Gräzität" as "the entirety of (extant) Greek writings."
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I'm stumped on a word. Any help appreciated.

"Es gibt etwa 7 Worte, die bisher in der gesamten Gräzität nur bei Paulus
belegt sind, bzw. nach ihm nur noch bei Kirchenschriftstellern in Zitaten
der Paulusstelle vorkommen."
Which roughly in English says something to the effect that:
"There are about 7 words which up to now are attested in the entire
_Gräzität_ only in Paul, and/or after him occur only in ecclesiastical
writers in quotations of Pauline texts."

What is "Gräzität"? [If the server messes up the umlauts, that's "Grazitat"
with umlauts over both occurrences of 'a.'] The context would make sense as
"the corpus of Greek literature"--but I can find nothing in my dictionary to
substantiate that guess. I don't even find anything close.

This, BTW, is from a paper (unpublished?) by Jürg Buchegger, "Mögliche
paulinische Neologismen," which I got from him in (I think) 2001 as a result
of a b-greek discussion of hapax legommena.

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