[B-Greek] SEPTUAGINT audio in Greek - also spoken in HEBREW?

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Fri Jan 31 20:52:32 EST 2003

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> Anyone have similar for the SEPTUAGINT in Greek
> &also items in HEBREW? Thanks Anthony, all. Also any Macintosh.
> Harold Helm <sundance at houston.rr.com> TX USA  phone 713-529-2333
> >From: "Anthony Forsyth" <anthony at calvarybiblechurch.org.uk>
> >Koine audiocassette of the NT?
> >I came across a website with the Greek NT spoken in audio.  I have
> >downloaded it successfully and am putting it onto audio CD currently.
> >The woman's voice drones somewhat, but it is the best I have found.
> >It is at:  http://www.ccel.org/a/anonymous/gnt/home.html
> >Anthony Forsyth >Pastor, Calvary Bible Church
> >anthony at calvarybiblechurch.org.uk
A somewhat better version (in my opinion) is to be found at 


This is not the Erasmian pronunciation, but is quite well done.  Thus far 
only Revelation and almost all of Matthew are available.  He continues to add 
a chapter every few weeks.


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