[B-Greek] MONON as a special particle

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Fri Jan 31 14:54:26 EST 2003

At 3:47 PM +0000 1/31/03, Mark Wilson wrote:
>This came across my email system rather strange in format. I could not tell
>whether you were responding to someone or asking a question or just what
>this email was all about.
>Some time back, this very issue was raised. A response by Alan Thomas, as
>far as I am concerned, has settled the issue on this verse as it relates to
>the adverb. I believe you were involved in that discussion.
>I say this here for those who know how to check quickly the archives for
>Alan's response. It was in my opinion nothing short of billiant. I have
>since read a book by Z. Hodges on James. He takes the same position.

For those interested in checking up on the accuracy of Mark's memory, I can
report that (in this instance, at least) it is right on target. The thread
in question ran on b-greek Feb. 11-13, 2001 with subject-header, "adj. or
adv. in James 2:24" and concluded with the message of Alan Thoms cited by
Mark on Feb. 13, 2001 with subject-header, "Re: What OU negates in James

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