[B-Greek] Re: Koine audiocassette of the NT?

Larry Baker lbaker at accs.edu
Thu Jan 30 09:43:58 EST 2003

The Academic Department of Zondervan Publishers has recently been asking
teachers about any interest in having the Greek NT or even just the
Gospel of John in Greek on audio CD's.  You may be able to e-mail the
Zondervan Web site at zpub at zondervan.com and express your interest in a
reading of the Greek NT using an Erasmus/Koine/Classroom pronunciation
and their being available for purchase on audio CD's.

My academic interest is found in a very phonetic pronunciation where
"what you see is what you say and what you say is what you see."  This
would allow a new student to easily write out a word from simply hearing
it, such as having the Gamma/Delta/Zeta as they are in English, a simple
"g/d/z", the Iota as an "ee", the Eta as the first "e" in "here" or
"where" (as a long, pure vowel sound and different than the sound for
diphthong, epsilon-iota), the Upsilon as a "u" in "rule" or "umlauted-u"
as in "Mueller" (and not the modern "f-sound") [although it is difficult
to offer a different sound than that used for omicron-upsilon (as a
diphthong)], and the Chi similar to the German "ch" (as in Bach) or
Hebrew "khaph".

Larry N. Baker, prof. of biblical languages
American Christian College and Seminary,

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