[B-Greek] Koine audiocassette of the NT?

MarjorieAlley at cs.com MarjorieAlley at cs.com
Thu Jan 30 02:15:10 EST 2003

Thanks to those who replied on the board and via email.

Eric, you said that I would get used to the modern pronunciation if I 
listened to Zodhiates' recording for six weeks. But that's what I'm afraid 
of!  I'd really rather stick with what I first learned in college 30 years 
ago, even though I've come to realize that not all Koine professors pronounce 
everything the same way. In particular, I'd rather stick with H as long a 
instead of ee.

(I meant to post the following on the board, but I accidentally sent it by 

While searching for Zodhiates' tapes I came across a set of Koine audio 
recordings by Marilyn Phemister. They are available online at 


She says that she is self-taught and recorded the NT when she was unable to 
find a recording for purchase.  I listened to John 1 and found it easy to 
follow, but my husband thought it was choppy and wasn't read with enough 

Has anyone else listened to these?

Marjorie Alley

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