[B-Greek] Yahshua

Lew Osborne osbo at hn.ozemail.com.au
Wed Jan 29 14:55:33 EST 2003

E Weisse writes asking for the connection between Jesus and Save.

The Hebrew of Jesus is Yahshua, a combination of the memorial name of Deity
and the word for salvation.

The shortened form of the Memorial name of Yahweh is Yah but it has the
same meaning as Yahweh and the meaning is 'He who will be Whom He will Be'
and in this instance it is Saviour. So the full meaning of Jesus in the
Hebrew is He who will be (in a or manifested in a)  Saviour'

The Words Ayer Asher Ayer of Exodus 3:14 literally meam 'I will be
(manifested in) what soever I will be' These words should never be
translated "I AM"  as they do not fit the Hebrew tense no the meaning of
what is meant by the verses.

Lew Osborne

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