[B-Greek] Gen 32:30 GOT (32:29 in English) and demonstrative

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Wed Jan 29 14:38:46 EST 2003

At 2:34 PM -0500 1/29/03, Polycarp66 at aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 1/29/2003 2:26:18 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>iver_larsen at sil.org writes:
>> >Perhaps it was simply an attempt to preserve the wording of the
>> >Hebrew text, without particular regard for what would sound natural in
>> Greek.
>> >(I seem to remember seeing that sort of thing happen in one or two English
>> >translations :-)
>> Oh, yes, and that peculiar dialect of English we sometimes call Biblish. So
>> what shall we name this kind if Hebraic Greek? Hebreek?
>Or how about Greebrew?

or just simply "translationese." I can recall how easy it was to recognize
classically-trained students from their compositions because they wrote
"ablative absolutes" in English.

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