[B-Greek] Gen 32:30 GOT (32:29 in English) anddemonstrative

Albert Pietersma albert.pietersma at sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 29 13:41:16 EST 2003

Trevor Peterson wrote:

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> >I would construe the Hebrew as: WHY THIS: YOU ASK FOR MY NAME. If that is
> correct,
> >the intended meaning of the Greek is likely: WHY IS IT THAT YOU ASK NAME.
> Or perhaps there was no intended meaning per se, at least not in the sense
> that a Greek signifier with a predictable signified was being generated.\

Right you are, Trevor. Entirely possible.

> Perhaps it was simply an attempt to preserve the wording of the Hebrew text,
> without particular regard for what would sound natural in Greek. (I seem to
> remember seeing that sort of thing happen in one or two English translations
> :-)
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