[B-Greek] hebrew or aramaic behind Matthew 1:21

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> This may be more of a B-Hebrew question, but I'm not on that list.
> The wordplay or connection between "Jesus" and "save" is lost in the 
> Greek, but it would have apparent and meaningful to Joseph when he was 
> told to "call his name 'Jesus,' because he will 'save' his people from 
> their sins." I know that Y'shua/Joshua is related lexically to the 
> Hebrew and maybe Aramaic word for "save" or "salvation" (e.g., 
> hosanna/hoshea-na = "save, now!"), but if anyone on this list can help 
> me, what would the Hebrew and Aramaic words for "Jesus" and "save" (or 
> "save his people") be that would have been what the angel told Joseph?

In Hebrew that would be Y:HoW$uaH for the name (see Josh 1.1) and HoW$iYaH 
for "he shall save" (see 1 Sam 9.16).


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