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Eric Weiss eweiss at gte.net
Wed Jan 29 11:32:40 EST 2003

As far as I know, Spiros Zodhiates only does a Modern Greek 
pronunciation -- not Erasmian -- of the Koine Greek NT. I have it. After 
about 6 weeks, you get used to it. The hardest thing is the use of "ee" 
for many different vowel sounds -- i.e., I, H, EI, OI, U. Also, the lack 
of rough breathing. And, Zodhiates is inconsistent in his pronunciation 
of O/W and G. For my own reading, I've adopted Randall Buth's 
reconstructed Koine, which is similar to Modern Greek, but still 
pronounces H as "ay" and pronounces U and OI alike, as a French "u". So 
as I read or teach, I have to juggle three pronunciation schemes in my 
mind/head: Erasmian, Modern Greek, and Buth's scheme. Lots of fun!!

Eric S. Weiss

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