[B-Greek] hebrew or aramaic behind Matthew 1:21

Eric Weiss eweiss at gte.net
Wed Jan 29 11:17:15 EST 2003

This may be more of a B-Hebrew question, but I'm not on that list.

The wordplay or connection between "Jesus" and "save" is lost in the 
Greek, but it would have apparent and meaningful to Joseph when he was 
told to "call his name 'Jesus,' because he will 'save' his people from 
their sins." I know that Y'shua/Joshua is related lexically to the 
Hebrew and maybe Aramaic word for "save" or "salvation" (e.g., 
hosanna/hoshea-na = "save, now!"), but if anyone on this list can help 
me, what would the Hebrew and Aramaic words for "Jesus" and "save" (or 
"save his people") be that would have been what the angel told Joseph?

Eric S. Weiss

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