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At 3:28 PM +0000 1/29/03, toseland at blueyonder.co.uk wrote:
>In 1 Cor 4:19 Paul says that he will come to Corinth "without Delay",
>or "as soon as possible" (TACEWS). Yet in 16:5-9 he says he will stay
>in Ephesus until Pentecost, then, though he could have gone first to
>Corinth, he will go first to Macedonia, and will hopefully spend the
>winter in Corinth. I am not alone in finding this surprising. In light
>of 16:5-9, 4:19 seems a little misleading; there is a definite tension
>between these two passages. I think maybe when he wrote 4:19, Paul
>intended to go directly to Corinth after Pentecost, and from there to
>Macedonia. But as he continued with the letter, he was given cause to
>change his mind.
>So, I would like to support this hypothesis by arguing that, if he had
>meant to say, "I will come to you presently", but without the added
>nuance of "as soon as possible", he could have better worded 4:19a.
>But I haven't been able to find a simple substitution for TACEWS,
>though maybe there is one.
>Hypothetically, then, how might Paul have conveyed this meaning?

Paul, I suppose you've looked at BDAG; under the adverb TACEWS 2, he has:
	2. pert. to a future point of time that is subsequent to another
point of time, with focus on brevity of interval rather than on speed of
activity, soon
	a. positive 1 Cor 4:19; Phil 2:19 (t. pe÷mp. as Plut., Mor. 612e),
24; 2 Ti 4:9.
	b. comp. TACION without any suggestion of comparison 1 Ti 3:14
v.l.; Hb 13:23.-DELG s.v. TACUS. M-M.
That looks to me like it allows for "as soon as I am able" ...

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