[B-Greek] Gen 32:30 GOT (32:29 in English) and demonstrative

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Wed Jan 29 07:56:17 EST 2003

At 6:01 AM -0500 1/29/03, Trevor & Julie Peterson wrote:
>Could someone tell me whether there's any native Greek reason for the
>construction that appears (among other places) in Gen 32:30:
>In other words, is this just a case of the translator rendering more or less
>word-for-word and thereby producing a construction that would never occur in
>Greek otherwise? Or can the demonstrative actually be understood to fit in
>terms of normal Greek grammar?

I'm not altogether sure what your question is here; hINA TI (often written
as one word, hINATI) is used by many Koine writers for DIA TI and certainly
does correspond to the LMH of the MT; but apparently you're asking about
TOUTO, which, understood in terms of ordinary Greek syntax, would be
demonstrative with  TO  ONOMA MOU, "Why are you asking this name of mine?"
whereas the Hebrew seems more literally to be "Why are you asking this
(question) respecting my name?"

I'm not at all sure that that TOUTO ... TO ONOMA MOU is as odd as you
suppose it to be.

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