[B-Greek] Hebrews 11:19 Redux

Iver Larsen iver_larsen at sil.org
Tue Jan 28 10:18:05 EST 2003

> I had already asked about
> logizomai in Heb. 11:19. I understand that it can mean anything from  "to
> think" to "to reason or deduce."  Since this verse is in the midst of a
> context of pistis, is not reasonable to conclude that the pistis
> described
> is related to logizomai? In other words, that faith is reasonable and
> rational? Thanks, Matthew R. Miller

In this context "to deduce" fits very well, but I think you are jumping too
far from the text in your conclusion. The participle LOGISAMENOS in this
verse is followed by the conclusion reached: that God is able to raise
(people) even from the dead. "To reason" or "to deduce" means "to draw
conclusions from assumptions". The assumption is not stated, but I expect it
would be: "God is all-powerful" ergo: He can even raise people form the
dead. The PISTIS is therefore related to the assumption that God is

Iver Larsen

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