[B-Greek] Hebrews 11:19 Redux

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Jim West wrote:

> At 05:52 PM 1/27/03 -0500, you wrote:
> >But since the standard form of the verb is m-p (middle-passive) can any special
> >meaning be ascribed to Heb 11:19 based on  the m-p form of the verb??
> >Al
> perhaps not.  but the fact that the verb is m-p normally does not
> necessarily make its sense as a m-p irrelevent.  i think that the normal
> form of the verb is as important as its other forms.  if the standard form
> is m-p i dont think its an exaggeration to note the m-p character of its usage.

Point is though, Jim, that since no contrast between active and m-p can be cited in
NT lit no semantic contrast in Heb 11:19 between active versus m-p  can be
entertained.  In other words, if Abraham as subject is said to be emphasized by
reason of the m-p form of the verb, the same would then have to be alleged about
all other subjects of the m-p of the verb in question. At that point, however, we
are off into a general linguistic discussion about the semantics of "active" versus
"medio-passive" versus "passive" without any noticeable  bearing on LOGISAMENOS in
Heb 11:19.

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