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At 4:18 AM -0500 1/27/03, Jim West wrote:
>At 09:16 PM 1/26/03 -0600, you wrote:
>>Jim West wrote:
>>> what i am looking for is a website or publication which lists all of the
>>> currently in print editions of the GNT.  for instance
>>> NA 27
>>> Merk
>>> Tischendorf 8
>>Merk is not available online. But Wescott & Hort, NA 26/27. Tischendorff,
>>VonSonden and others are -- at
>i dont think im making myself plain.  i am looking for a list of GNT in
>PRINT- i.e.- available in hardback format and obtainable from a bookstore.

Now, let's get this absolutely straight and clear, Jim: you want an ON-LINE
listing of all OFF-LINE hard-copy GNT texts currently in print. Does that
state your intent clearly? We would hate to continue longer than necessary
to be confused.

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