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       Dear Rodney,
       The text "ALEXAMENOS SEBETE QEON" should be read as a 3rd person
singular indicative middle (deponent).  Thus SEBETE should be read as
SEBETAI.  "AI" and "E" were pronounced identically, which easily
explains the misspelling.  (As in modern Greek: "KAI" is pronounced
"KE", "NAI" is pronounced "NE").  Greek was probably not the mother
tongue of the mocker, but was the liturgical language of Christians, and
thus part of the mockery.
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       For those who might be interested in Greek inscriptions from the
1st C.
       which are relevant to NT studies, I've recently posted a page on
       Alexamenos Graffito (including a sketch of it--which contains
Greek text).
       The significance of this graffito is the portrayal (or
caricature) of early
       Christianity by the average 1st-C. Roman.
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